Presentation Advantage®

Powerfully inform and persuade one person or one hundred.

Wasted time, unproductive meetings, and lost opportunities occur due to poor presentations. The lack of powerful methods to inform and persuade is one of the greatest hidden and pervasive costs of the 21st-century workplace.

The Presentation Advantage course helps participants consistently deliver highly successful presentations. They learn the skills and the latest neuroscience to better inform, influence, and persuade others in today’s knowledge-based world.

Creating a purposeful shift in knowledge or behavior through successful presentations equips people, teams, and organizations with the competitive edge.

Course Details


As a result of the Presentation Advantage course, participants will be able to:

  • Define presentation success.
  • Understand the paradigm of “Connect.”
  • See that paradigm plus process equals presentation success.
  • “Connect” with in-person and virtual audiences successfully.

Develop and Design a Powerful Message and Impactful Visuals

  • Identify the clear purpose to be achieved with their message.
  • Create a memorable introduction and conclusion.
  • Develop key points to support the purpose.
  • Use visuals to increase attention to and retention of the message.
  • Design effective presenter notes and prompts.

Deliver With Excellence and Practice

  • Master the components of the “first and ongoing impression.”
  • Deliver visuals effectively.
  • Manage good and bad stress.
  • Handle questions and group dynamics.
  • Take the pre- and post- benchmarks.
  • Master skills through the 5-Week Quickstart process.

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Presentation Advantage

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Food and Beverage Manufacturer

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